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Spirit of Malts is also rhum tasting at home! 

Our Rum tastings are based on the same principle as those for whiskeys, we take care of everything!

We will explain to you how this alcohol is made, which is much more complex than it seems, from the sugar cane to your's quite a story!


At the end of this tasting, you will know the differences between the types of rum produced around the world, the method of production and the particularities of each rum depending on its place of production. 


Rum tasting in practice:


  • Travel to your home. 

  • 1 Flavored white rum liqueur to discover. 

  • 6 Rums to to discover and enjoy (2 cl per glass), 

  • Minimum of 8/10* participants and a maximum to be defined together.

  • Fixed price of €35 per person.  

  • Estimated duration of 2h-3h.

  • Travel Brussels & Wallonia.

  • Bachelor party are welcome!

  • We take care of everything ;-)


* For the Provinces of Hainaut, Namur, Brabant-Wallon and Brussels, a minimum of 8 participants is required.

* For the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg, a minimum of 10 participants is required.  



Image by Damon On Road
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