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Whisky tastings at home, in practice:

  •  Travel to your home. 

  • 6 Whiskeys to discover and taste (2 cl per glass)

  • We bring the necessary quantity of glasses.

  • Minimum of8/10* participants and a Maximum to be defined together.

  • Didactic and fun explanation of the making of whisky/Rum and aromatic comparison between each Whiskey/Rum tasted.

  • Price depending on the tasting chosen.(35€, 40€, per person depending on the theme).

  • Estimated duration of 2h-3h.

  • We also offer the sale of quality Malts and Blends; at the end of each tasting.

  • Travel Brussels & Wallonia.

  • Bachelor party are welcome.

  • We take care of everything ;-)

 * For the Provinces of Hainaut, Namur, Brabant-Wallon and Brussels, a minimum of 8 participants is required.

* For the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg, a minimum of 10 participants is required.  


Glass of whiskey
Imade of Hibiki Whiskey

List of tastings available:


  • Tasting 1:Whisky Discovery

The making of a whisky is above all a story of know-how and local products. This “Whisky Discovery” tasting will take you on a journey through the world of whisky, seen in its different facets! What is Rye whiskey? What is a Blend? What is a Straight from the Cask? Single Malt or vatted Malt?...Many questions that you sometimes ask yourself and for which we will provide you with a theoretical and gustatory answer!

This tasting is therefore aimed at an audience  who wants to discover the world of whisky in its entirety.

Price: €35/person (excluding VAT)

  • Tasting 2:“The Blind Tasting” 

So is this Whiskey Scottish? No, must be Irish!!! Or maybe a Japanese!!

And yes, blind tasting! Only your senses will guide you to taste and differentiate six Whiskeys! Your nose and your palate coupled with our explanations will help you identify, perhaps, the origin of certain whiskeys: the use of peat or not for malting, the barrels used for maturation, the presence of iodine etc. .. so much information that will help you solve the riddle!

Price: €35/person (excluding VAT)

  • Tasting 3:The World Tour!

Some nations are not particularly known for their long Whiskey tradition nor for their distilleries. And yet, by ignoring them we run the risk of missing out on unforgettable discoveries. Our "World Tour" master class is an opportunity for olfactory and taste discoveries sprinkled with historical discoveries, as the history of export, first of whiskey then of distilleries and know-how, can be surprising and rich. picturesque anecdotes.

Our tasting journey travels the world to reveal to you the particular character of different quality whiskeys. If Scotland, Ireland  are stations  unmissable, our trip can also lead you to discover  Belgian, Australian, Swedish and Taiwanese Whiskeys!

On request, other destinations can be considered for a "World Tour".

Price: €40/person (excluding VAT)

  • Tasting 4: Premium Whiskey Tasting (NEW 2024) 

Would you like to taste aged Single Malts for which time, patience and aging have been decisive in the quality of these bottlings…

This is possible with our Premium whiskey tasting. We have made a selection of 6 whiskeys at least 15 years old, all Single Malts. This selection comes from Scottish distilleriess known and recognized for their know-how and the quality of their aging.

Single Malts lover, this tasting will be a taste journey for your taste buds.

Price: €70/person (excluding VAT) 

  • Tasting 5:Tasting on request: 

None of our options offered above suits you, or do you want a tasting on a particular theme?

Do not hesitate to contact us with your request and we will look together at what we can offer you.  

Price: To be defined. 

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