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35€ per person

(VAT excluded)  

The making of a whisky is above all a story of know-how and local products. This "Whisky Discovery" tasting will take you on a journey through the world of whisky, as seen from its different angles!


What is a Rye whisky?

What is a Blend?

What is a Straight from the Cask?

Single Malt or vatted Malt?...

Many questions that you may ask yourself and for which we will give you a theoretical and gustatory answer!

This tasting is aimed at people who want to discover the world of whisky in its entirety.

The Blind Tasting

35€ per person

(VAT excluded)  

So this Whisky, is it a Scotch one? No, no.... it must be Irish!!! Or maybe a Japanese one!


The mysteries of blind tasting!


Only your senses will guide you to taste and differentiate six whiskies!


Your nose and your palate coupled with our explanations will help you to identify, perhaps, the origin of certain whiskies: the use of peat or not for malting, the casks used for maturing, the presence of iodine etc... so much information that will help you to solve the enigma!

Scotland VS Ireland

35€ per person

(VAT excluded)  

It's the meeting of the two great whisky(ey) producing nations!

Scotland, with its mostly double distilled whiskies, claims to be the nation that created the "eau de vie"!

Ireland, on the other hand, remains faithful to its tradition of "Pot Still" and triple distilled whiskies....


If you wish to discover the differences between these whiskies, but also the manufacturing methods between these two great nations, this tasting is for you!

The World Tour!

40€ per person

(VAT excluded)  

Some nations are not particularly well known for their long tradition of whisky or for their distilleries. And yet, if you ignore them, you run the risk of missing out on unforgettable discoveries.


Our "World Tour" master class is an opportunity for olfactory and gustatory discoveries sprinkled with historical insights, as the history of exports, first of whisky and then of distilleries and know-how, can be surprising and rich in picturesque anecdotes.


Our tasting tour travels the world to reveal the particular character of the different quality whiskies. If Scotland, Ireland and Japan are the most popular destinations, our journey will also lead you to discover Indian, Swedish and Taiwanese whiskies!


On request, other destinations can be considered for a "World Tour".

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