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Long Pond 2005 Cambridge, 70cl, 60% (Velier)

Velier presents a truly exceptional rum with the Velier Long Pond Cambridge 2005 STCE. Distilled in 2005 and aged for 18 years, this limited edition rum is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality that Velier is renowned for.

The Long Pond distillery in Jamaica, known for its traditional pot still production methods, has produced this exquisite rum. Named "Cambridge," this expression showcases the unique character and complexity of Long Pond's distillate.

Bottled at a robust 60% alcohol by volume, this rum packs a punch while maintaining a remarkable balance of flavors. Upon opening the bottle, it releases a rich bouquet of tropical fruits, spices, and oak, inviting the senses on a journey of discovery.

Long Pond 2005 Cambridge, 70cl, 60% (Velier)

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